Dr. Jose Pizarro Explains the Diagnosis and Treatment of Concussions

What is a Concussion?

Dr. Jose Pizarro from Longboat Key, Florida, on Concussions

Symptoms of a Concussion

Concussion symptoms may be subtle, and they may not be noticed right away. Symptoms can last for a few days or can persist for weeks or months.

Concussion Symptoms in Young Children

Head trauma is common in young children, but they may not have the vocabulary or ability to express their feelings. If you suspect that your child has a concussion, look for:

When You Should See a Doctor

You should always see a doctor within 1 to 2 days if you or your child experiences a head injury. The doctor can let you know whether the symptoms are from a concussion or not.

Diagnosis of a Concussion

Your doctor will look at your symptoms and give you a neurological examination. Symptoms may not appear for days after the injury. The tests that may be run include neurological examinations, imaging tests, and cognitive testing.

Treatment of a Concussion

Most commonly, physical and mental rest is prescribed to concussion patients. Relative rest includes limiting activities that may be mentally taxing, including watching TV, playing video games, or reading, especially if these activities make your concussion feel worse. Physical activities should also be avoided. Patients can return to normal activities gradually.

Preventing Concussions

Dr. Jose Pizarro from Longboat Key, Florida, Discusses Prevention

Expert Treatment is Necessary

If you have experienced the symptoms of a concussion, it is important to see a doctor. Even if the symptoms are mild, your doctor will want to monitor you and make sure that they do not get any worse.



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Dr. Jose Pizarro

Dr. Jose Pizarro

Dr. Jose Pizarro is a radiologist and currently evaluates Diffusion Tensor Imaging and the effects of trauma on thousands of patients every year.